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yet another day in fedora land...

On Mon, 2008-12-15 at 06:16 -0500, Stephen Adler wrote:
> the key to your story is that you upgrade on every release. And from
> the way you've described your work, you probably pay a lot of
> attention to the details of the setups of all the services and new
> software packages that come and go. It's the time and effort spent on
> these details that can make systems work smoothly or not....

Most of my upgrades have been pretty hands-off, but I suppose I may
simply breeze past certain issues that hang up others, as I've seen them
before from doing upgrades fairly frequently on multiple boxes, and
typically getting answers to any tricky bits much earlier in the new
distro's development cycle, rather than after release, and usually
straight from developers working on the problem, as part of my day job
does involve hanging out on #fedora-devel and #fedora-kernel on
freenode, as well as frequenting multiple Fedora mailing lists (not to
mention eating lunch w/others devs as well).

> One point I need to make is that I'm very fussy about how a system
> works and how smooth it operates.

Hey, I am too! And my upgraded boxes all work quite smoothly. :)

> The upgrade went OK and fedora 10 was operational, it was that window
> freezup, or the fact that automatic package update system stopped
> working etc that got under my skin.... If I had the time, I could go
> and figure out what went wrong with the half dozen or so issues and
> fix them by updating configuration files and reinstalling packages.
> But I just don't have the time for that kind of detailed attention to
> system maintenance.... (Which is actually an art form...)

So from my prior mail... My inclination that 3rd-party software was
regularly involved... Is that off base? I do recall seeing mentions of
nVidia drivers, which can certainly be a cause of pain when moving to a
newer kernel and X server, as the nVidia driver is quite closely tied to
both of those...


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