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5400 vs 7200

On 12/25/2008 04:33 PM, Stephen Adler wrote:
> Thanks for the replies guys... here's a kicker... the new macbooks come=
> with solid state drives (for a small fortune...) I was thinking about=20
> the possible noise and vibration that hard drives can make. Any=20
> vibrations would dive me nuts. I know DVD's while spinning away can=20
> cause lots of vibration... Are the solid state drives worth the extra b=
>  =20
I've been a proponent of solid state drives since the 1970s. Back then,=20
the technology just didn't pan out (things like bubble memory, et. al.). =

Today, we now have things like flash memory. IMHO, most laptop HDs are=20
very quiet, and most of the vibration in the laptop comes from fans.=20
IMHO, solid state will replace mechanical drives, but mechanical drives=20
are still very reliable as well as cheap. Consumer SSDs are more energy=20
efficient than mechanical technology, but economically in a laptop today =

I don't think SSD is the best solution today. There are some web sites=20
that do discuss solid state drives, such as HP=20
(* or Toshiba (**
IMHO, mechanical HDs will eventually lose out as SSDs move in.=20
Currently, some HHD manufacturers are also providing SSD devices.

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