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KDE vs. GNOME session management

On Tue, Dec 30, 2008 at 11:58:15AM -0500, Tom Metro wrote:
> Another area of differentiation between the two environments is the 
> bundled file manager. I find GNOME's Nautilus intuitive and adequate, 
> although nothing special. However I've noticed it can also chew up a ton 
> up memory (hundreds of megabytes), so if I stuck with GNOME I'd likely 
> seek an alternate file manager. On the KDE side I've read how the file 
> manager pops up a dialog asking you whether you want to copy/move/link a 
> dragged-and-dropped file, which sounds annoying. So again, I'd likely 
> seek an alternate file manager.
> Any recommendations for alternate file managers?

Yes -- the command line. I've never met a graphical file manager
which was as quick, precise, and flexible as the cli shell of
your choice. Learning just a few tricks -- for loops, find and
xargs -- will pay off immensely.

No one wants to hear that, of course...


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