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It's actually not a company; it's a ministry. The employees are paid
nothing (not for profit organisation); they are given money from
friends, churches, and other organisations to do work. Likewise, the
"customers" do not pay us anything.

As I found found out today, the issue is more getting about seven to
ten OS X machines and a large number of external drives (I couldn't
guess how many drives, but probably over twenty, all various sizes)
backed up to a central sever (with about 3.6 terabytes of storage,
which isn't enough to backup everything, unfortunately), and
retrieval. Archiving is not an issue (well, as we have no real funding
for more space to deal with it), as we're just not doing it.

The one linux server is taken care of now. (Scripts, cron jobs, and
another machine.)

We're looking into Bacula and BackupPC, thanks for the suggestions.
Samuel 'Shardz' Baldwin -

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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