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Linux on netbooks

Most netbooks that are 1.6ghz and above should be able to play videos
fullscreen.  I have a Samsung NC10 I bought a year ago.  I run Linux
on it and have been able to stream DVDs to the device using VLC and
watch videos on Hulu without trouble.

Keyboard layout was a big thing for me.  A lot of netbooks used to
move some of the punctuation keys around and that's a huge pain if you
try to do any programming on them.  Something I didn't think about at
the time of purchase was the button layout for the trackpad.  I used
middle-click extensively and, while you can emulate it with a
simultaneous left and right click, it doesn't work too well if you've
only got one button that pivots like a lever (NC10 only has one
button/bar).  Some newer netbooks are now losing the buttons
altogether to make the trackpad larger (Dell Inspiron Mini 10).

On Wed, Jan 20, 2010 at 09:06, David Kramer <david-8uUts6sDVDvs2Lz0fTdYFQ at> wrote:
> I've been casually toying with the idea of getting a netbook, but last
> weekend I decided I probably will. ?I was at a convention where I saw a
> lot of them, and the screen and keyboards on the newer ones look pretty
> usable. ?I mostly want to use it for note taking at meetings and mail/web
> when traveling. In the "That would be too cool for words" camp would be to
> use it as a MythTV client, but I doubt that's possible. ?I think a 10"
> screen is about right. ?And since it's mostly for note taking, the
> keyboard can't bee TOO contorted from a ful sized keyboard. ?I'm open to
> advice on specific units and brands.
> I have an important high-level decision to make; Do I get a Windows one
> and make it dual-boot with Linux, or get one that already has Linux
> installed? ?My wife, bless her, said "You will never be happy with it
> unless you install the Linux distro you want yourself". ?She might be
> right. ?I've been looking at the Ubuntu netbook remix. ?I'm not sure I
> would like the UI, but it looks like one can change that later. ?At the
> very least their compatibility list will be useful. ?Since many of these
> units have 120 or 160GB hard drives, having two OSes shouldn't be a
> problem, and makes it a little more useful.
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
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