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Linux on netbooks

I'm currently considering a replacement for my aging laptop that cannot
connect to the overheads at MIT.
My usage would primarily be for presentations and portability, but I
also want to use it for virtual machines, so I think the netbooks would
be underpowered for my purposes:

Linux OS (Ubuntu, SuSE or Fedora)
VMS: Windows XP, Windows 7, possibly another Linux distro.

Cost: My current laptop was purchased when I was teaching at
Northeastern. While I like the portability of the netbooks, I think the
power of a standard laptop might fit my needs better.

On 01/20/2010 09:06 AM, David Kramer wrote:
> I've been casually toying with the idea of getting a netbook, but last
> weekend I decided I probably will.  I was at a convention where I saw a=

> lot of them, and the screen and keyboards on the newer ones look pretty=

> usable.  I mostly want to use it for note taking at meetings and mail/w=
> when traveling. In the "That would be too cool for words" camp would be=
> use it as a MythTV client, but I doubt that's possible.  I think a 10"
> screen is about right.  And since it's mostly for note taking, the
> keyboard can't bee TOO contorted from a ful sized keyboard.  I'm open t=
> advice on specific units and brands.
> I have an important high-level decision to make; Do I get a Windows one=

> and make it dual-boot with Linux, or get one that already has Linux
> installed?  My wife, bless her, said "You will never be happy with it
> unless you install the Linux distro you want yourself".  She might be
> right.  I've been looking at the Ubuntu netbook remix.  I'm not sure I
> would like the UI, but it looks like one can change that later.  At the=

> very least their compatibility list will be useful.  Since many of thes=
> units have 120 or 160GB hard drives, having two OSes shouldn't be a
> problem, and makes it a little more useful.
> Thanks in advance for any advice.
>  =20

Jerry Feldman <gaf-mNDKBlG2WHs at>
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