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Linux on netbooks

On Wed, January 20, 2010 10:18 am, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> As for MythTV, yes, you can run mythfrontend on them. For most, HDTV
> playback is out of the question, unless you have an ION-based netbook
> or a Broadcom Crystal HD decoder card and the yet-to-be-written MythTV
> support for it. Standard def stuff will play fine though.

I'm still slumming with SD on my mythbackend.  (1)My SD cable box is YEARS
old, while the HD DVR cable box in the house dies every few months (2) I
already have 1.5TB.  If I went HD I would need more than twice that.

I was mostly concerned with a video card with a chipset that can use the
proprietary drivers mythfrontend needs to work.  I've never been able to
get a front end working without the proprietary nvidia driver.

> But what someone else said: battery life is probably going to suck.
> Unless you're running the bundled Linux OS that's been tweaked to heck
> with non-upstream kernel patches, wacky userspace processes twiddling
> bits in /proc and /sys, etc. (This was the case with my AAO's bundled
> Linux-based install vs. a Fedora install).

Does that include Ubuntu netbook remix?

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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