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Palit, Nilanjan wrote:
> (trying out new terminals with tabs after
> having used plain-old xterm for many years).

I recommend ROXTerm:

I liked it best of the multi-tab terminals I tried, including konsole.

Under the hood it uses the VTE library, the same as GNOME Terminal, so 
the actual terminal emulation performs as well, and it has the same 
bugs. (Sadly none of the GUI emulators I've tried can pass all of the 
tests provided by vttest.)

One thing I find oddly missing from the xterm universe is tight 
integration with ssh, unlike on Windows where connection protocol and 
emulator are tightly coupled. Consequently, it's harder to manage 
connections to remote machines from the GUI. Rather than a dialog for 
hosts, keys, etc, all of that is still managed through ~/.ssh/conf. Most 
xterms do support executing a command when the terminal is started, but 
it requires some glue scripting to get ssh connections to reconnect 
after a lost connection, and even then it sometimes gets stuck, 
requiring that the terminal window (tab) be closed and restarted. 
Outside the xterm universe, you do the equivalent by selecting 
"reconnect" from a menu.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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