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On Fri, Jan 22, 2010 at 01:04:03AM -0500, Tom Metro wrote:
> One thing I find oddly missing from the xterm universe is tight 
> integration with ssh, unlike on Windows where connection protocol and 
> emulator are tightly coupled. Consequently, it's harder to manage 
> connections to remote machines from the GUI. Rather than a dialog for 
> hosts, keys, etc, all of that is still managed through ~/.ssh/conf. Most 
> xterms do support executing a command when the terminal is started, but 
> it requires some glue scripting to get ssh connections to reconnect 
> after a lost connection, and even then it sometimes gets stuck, 
> requiring that the terminal window (tab) be closed and restarted. 
> Outside the xterm universe, you do the equivalent by selecting 
> "reconnect" from a menu.

That's because there has always been more than one way to do it.

serial, telnet, rsh, secure telnet, ssh... it's useful to have a
terminal emulator which is not integrated with the underlying


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