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mp3 player

On Sat, Jan 23, 2010 at 1:38 PM, Jerry Natowitz <j.natowitz-KealBaEQdz4 at> wrote:
> Another possibility is that your MP3 files don't have ID3 tags within them.
> ?There are a number of tools that can add ID3 tags to MP3 files. I had an
> older Sansa that required ID3 tages in files. ?A couple of other
> suggestions:
> 1) Create a MUSIC directory, if nothing similar exists.
> 2) Create a directory structure for the artist and then the album, and
> locate the MP3 files within.
> 3) Make sure the filenames of the MP3 files begins with two digits for the
> track number. ?For instance:
> MUSIC/Dire Straits/Brothers In Arms/06 Ride Across The River.mp3
> ? ? ? ?Jerry Natowitz
> ? ? ? ?j.natowitz (at)
> ? ? ? ?Owner of Unix port 1572 (chip-lm), as found by Google
> ? ? ? ?and returned to the IANA 2009/12/15
> Laura Conrad wrote:
>>>>>>> "James" == James Kramer <kramerjm-Re5JQEeQqe8AvxtiuMwx3w at> writes:
>> ? ?James> I recently purchased a mp3 player. ?It plugs directly into
>> ? ?James> the usb port on the computer. ?The player does not recognize
>> ? ?James> mp3 files that I load into the directory. ?It recognizes all
>> ? ?James> the preloaded mp3 files but does not even list the mp3 files
>> ? ?James> that I load.
>> Have you looked to see if there's a "rebuild database" option?

I'll try the suggestions.  I never used mp3 files so this is all new
to me.  I placed the files into the directory of the factory installed
files but I do not Know if they have ID tags and I am unsure about the
rebuild database.  They did not mention it in the manual and I have
not yet heard back from the tech support.   Both suggestions sound
like possible solutions.

The player is a very neat I-touch clone that I got from China for
under $50.   The manual is well written only it covers a different
model.  The company seems very responsive so I am hopeful to get it to
work. Thanks for the help.


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