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File names and backing up to DVD

David Kramer wrote:
> I usually back up to an external USB hard drive, but I'm playing with 
> backing up to DVD, since I have a stack of DL dvds.  I threw together a 
> quick script to call mkisofs, but I'm getting this:
Hi David,

genisoimage merges the various filesystems you point to into a single 
root. So if you point it to /foo and /bar, the resulting ISO filesystem 
doesn't contain /foo and /bar, it contains the contents of /foo and /bar 
merged to the root directory.

Something like this will give you the structure you were originally 
expecting to get:

genisoimage ... -graft-points foo=/foo bar=/bar ...


> Logfile is '/mnt/backup/dobackup.janus.20100123144543.out'
> Backup file is '/mnt/backup/backups/backup.janus.20100123144543.iso'
> Command is  'mkisofs -A -v -l -J -R -L -V 
> dkramer_backup_20100123144543 -o 
> /mnt/backup/backups/backup.janus.20100123144543.iso
> /boot /data/subversion /data2/subversion /etc /home /root /usr /var 
> /backup/backup_mysql_janus_100123.tgz'
> ---------------------------------------------
> Warning: creating filesystem that does not conform to ISO-9660.
> I: -input-charset not specified, using utf-8 (detected in locale settings)
> genisoimage 1.1.9 (Linux)
> Scanning /boot
> Scanning /boot/lost+found
> Scanning /boot/grub
> Scanning /data/subversion
> ...
> Using PASSWD_000.;1 for  /passwd- (passwd~)
> Using GROUP_000.;1 for  /group~ (group-)
> Using 000.BASH_HISTORY;1 for  /.bash_history (.bash_history)
> Using 001.BASH_HISTORY;1 for  /.bash_history (.bash_history)
> Using 000.HTPASSWD;1 for  /.htpasswd (.htpasswd)
> genisoimage: Error: '/data2/subversion/.htpasswd' and 
> '/data/subversion/.htpasswd' have the same Rock Ridge name '.htpasswd'.
> genisoimage: Error: '/var/mail' and '/etc/mail' have the same Rock Ridge 
> name 'mail'.
> Unable to sort directory
> NOTE: multiple source directories have been specified and merged into 
> the root of the filesystem. Check your program arguments. genisoimage is 
> not tar.
> Dunno what it's talking about with group and passwd, but the two naming 
> conflicts puzzle me.  How can it complain about two files in completely 
> different directories having the same name?
> What's the best way around this?
> If I only intend on using this on other Linux systems, would removing -J 
> be enough, or are there more things to override?
> Where are we going, and why are we in this handbasket?
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