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Offtopic: Question about UPS's

> From: Matt Shields <matt-urrlRJtNKRMsHrnhXWJB8w at>
> Subject: Offtopic: Question about UPS's
> To: Boston LUG <discuss-mNDKBlG2WHs at>
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> Are there any UPS experts out there?
> About a year ago I purchased 6 x APC SmartUPS 3000's thinking I was going
> to
> be expanding my office server room (already have 6 in use), turns out I
> didn't need them.  If they've been sitting on a shelf since then, will
> they
> still work and are the batteries still good?  The only way I can test them
> is to unplug one of my active UPS's, but because I only have 6 NEMA L5-30P
> connectors in my server room I can't test them.
> -matt
> Samuel
> Goldwyn<>
> - "I'm willing to admit that I may not always be right, but I am never
> wrong."

The problem with batteries is that every discharge/recharge cycle damages
them a little. Even sitting on the shelf means that they are discharging
as the resistance between the plates is not zero.

Depending on the battery and where they were stored, not too much
degradation should have happened. You can tell by measuring the voltage on
the battery. If it is 13.5 volts it should be fine. If it is below that,
you should test it further.


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