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Offtopic: Question about UPS's

Dan Ritter wrote:
> Matt Shields wrote:
>> About a year ago I purchased 6 x APC SmartUPS 3000's...
>> If they've been sitting on a shelf since then, will they
>> still work and are the batteries still good?
> They should be in approximately the same state as when you
> bought them: if the controllers were good then, they'll be good
> now, and if the batteries were good then, they are only slightly
> less likely to be good now.

Probably true. Particularly if the batteries were charged when put into 
storage and kept relatively cool.

Generally, it is recommended to charge lead-acid batteries every 3 to 6 
months. More on storage here:

> Connect a small load -- say, a 100W lamp -- to the UPS, and fire it
> up.

Sounds fine. I wouldn't recommend doing a full discharge runtime test. 
(Apparently some people do that on a regular basis and APC has taken to 
printing warnings in their literature not to do this, as it shortens the 
battery life considerably.)


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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