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Running Upstream Kernels on Fedora

On Jan 15, 2011, at 12:46 PM, jbk wrote:

> I am using Fedora 14 on two of my laptops, one an i686 and 
> the other x86_64. They are thinkpads that I was having 
> trouble with suspends and resumes. I took the chance and 
> installed the latest kernel from the upstream kernel build 
> source for Fedora, kernel 2.6.37....fc15,

Was that a local build and install from source, or from source rpm?

Personally, unless there's something I'm patching, I'd just grab the
latest binary kernel build out of the Fedora build system. Such as:

Despite the fc15 tag, it'll run just fine on Fedora 14 too. Most of
us working on the Fedora kernel tend to run the latest released
Fedora with the next release's kernel, for reasons of wanting to have
a working environment on top of said kernel that doesn't constantly
blow up in new and different ways...

> and both laptops 
> are now suspending, hibernating and resuming successfully 
> multiple times. So, I think that issue is solved. I haven't 
> noticed any application problems yet, except the battery 
> monitor will no longer estimate how much remaining time I 
> have left, it will show the remaining percentage of charge. 
> I also run windows in virtualbox and that works also with no 
> problem.
> I could not install the kernel headers as they conflict with 
> the F14 headers which I am loath to replace without knowing 
> what the consequences will be.
> In the past I have installed upstream kernels but only for 
> the current release version. What are the problems I'm going 
> to run into if I leave things as they are, and what if I 
> replace the F14 headers with the F15 headers?

Should be just fine.

Jarod Wilson
jarod-ajLrJawYSntWk0Htik3J/w at

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