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Running Upstream Kernels on Fedora

On 01/15/2011 01:28 PM, Jarod Wilson wrote:
> On Jan 15, 2011, at 12:46 PM, jbk wrote:
>> I am using Fedora 14 on two of my laptops, one an i686 and
>> the other x86_64. They are thinkpads that I was having
>> trouble with suspends and resumes. I took the chance and
>> installed the latest kernel from the upstream kernel build
>> source for Fedora, kernel 2.6.37....fc15,
> Was that a local build and install from source, or from source rpm?
> Personally, unless there's something I'm patching, I'd just grab the
> latest binary kernel build out of the Fedora build system. Such as:

That is what I did including the kernel-devel for the said 
kernel, the binaries not source.

> Despite the fc15 tag, it'll run just fine on Fedora 14 too. Most of
> us working on the Fedora kernel tend to run the latest released
> Fedora with the next release's kernel, for reasons of wanting to have
> a working environment on top of said kernel that doesn't constantly
> blow up in new and different ways...
>> I could not install the kernel headers as they conflict with
>> the F14 headers which I am loath to replace without knowing
>> what the consequences will be.
>> In the past I have installed upstream kernels but only for
>> the current release version. What are the problems I'm going
>> to run into if I leave things as they are, and what if I
>> replace the F14 headers with the F15 headers?
> Should be just fine.
So replacing the F14 kernel headers with F15 should be fine?

I assume that is what you mean I just realized that I was a 
bit vague in my post as to whether I was compiling from 
source or installing the binaries so I want to be clear.

Jim Kelly-Rand

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