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Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate

On Jan 20, 2011, at 5:52 PM, Samuel Baldwin wrote:
> Could Dvorak have benefits from people who suffer from a RSI or
> similar injury, because it requires your hands to move less?

I'm inclined to say not as much as one might think (or an advertiser would have you believe).  Much of the stress from typing comes from poor posture and poor arm/wrist/hand positioning along with not taking frequent breaks.  Changing your key layout won't save you from those bad habits.

With proper positioning and posture your arms and wrists should barely move while typing, just small movements from the arms and wrists.  Everything else is fingers.  And it is gentle tapping.  I've seen key caps that have been worn down to the posts because of grossly excessive force used to type.  If you're wearing off the key caps then you're doing it wrong and you're probably well on your way to self-inflicated injury.

--Rich P.

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