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No subject

Anyone want a free firewall or web server?

DDDD   David Kramer         
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DDDD   Adversity reveals the true nature of all things.

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Date: Tue, 26 Feb 2002 00:00:10 GMT
From: Matt Emmott <hardware at>
Subject: Free* 486-based PCs

I posted this one a long time ago, but due to some personal issues I didn't
have time to deal with them. Now I do.

I have 12 486-based PCs that I bought at an auction quite some time ago.
They were from a now-defunct company called GreenPC. GreenPC would refurb
older PCs, install their custom OS onto them, and sell them as little
Internet machines. All of the PCs were in sealed boxes when I got them. I
only opened them to take inventory.

I didn't go through many of them, and I don't want to. I just want to get
rid of them. Here are the specs:
486es, I believe they are all 66MHZ DX2s, but I'm not sure
Somewhere between 4 and 16MB of RAM.
Internal modem, unsure of the speed
PS/2-based mouse and keyboard ports
Floppy drive
Unsure of HD space... probably around 300-500MB
No mouse or keyboard.
Some have power cords, some don't

Sealed copy of the 'NewDeal OS' - some kind of GUI operating system that
runs over Caldera DR-DOS, I think.
Desktop profile - no towers
All PCs are packed in styrofoam, in a cardboard box

10 Compaqs
1 AT&T

Here's where the free* part comes in. I'm in Franklin, MA. If you come and
get one (or some, or all), they are free. If you want me to meet you
somewhere, there's a $10 charge to cover my gas and time. If I meet you
somewhere, it's $10 no matter how many you want.

Email me with any questions.

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