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the drives would have a standard layout for the mounting holes. I was
surprised to discover what appeared to be two incompatible standards,
particularly when the specs on these drives didn't give me any reason
to expect multiple standards. 

Upon further examination, I notice that the bracket from the old
laptop had six holes along its sides, which would fit to four screws
to the Netwinder drive or two screws to one end of the 6 GB drive.
This leads me to suspect there are just the two standard layouts
for mounting holes in laptop hard drives. 

What I need is a drive where the mounting holes on the bottom are spaced
1-1/2 inches apart along the length of the drive. For now, anything 
that gets the box up and running (i.e., anything that can hold at
least 2 GB) would be great.

Once I'm employed again, I'd like to pick up something larger, so I'd 
like some way of finding out how a particular drive model's mounting
holes are laid out.

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