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[Discuss] need to set up fax-mail system

On Fri, Aug 26, 2011 at 10:46:09PM -0500, Jack Coats wrote:
> Jeff,
> Personally I use eFax (a free service, it prepends an ad on the front of any
> fax I receive), but it works and it is the right price.  It seems to be
> fairly secure).
> When working for a bank, we sent out lots of faxes from the wire transfer
> dept (to acknowledge a money transfer being sent).
> I might suggest looking into setting up a HylaFax server (
> ).  If you look into Asterisk, you might be able to
> merge the functions (my knowledge of Asterisk is limited).

Hi Jack,  
I want to send actual digital content in a secure and verifiable
way so that we can stop faxing and still have legal documents and
transactions AND have the content of the transmission be usable
as information at the receiving end of the transmission. 

Sending a picture of text ?  So 1900's  :-)  Just send the text!

> At my wifes office (central office for the company), they have an IP phone
> system.  If you call any private extension and send a fax to it, it saves
> the fax as a PDF, and emails that to the email address of the extension
> holder.

This is incredible, mind boggling. It reminds me of the tour I took
of the Mills up in Lowell. Giant water turbine in the basement being
driven by the channeled river water.  That wheel turned huge
belts that carried the mechanical motion up a shaft five stories
high to each floor of the building. On each floor the belts turned 
several wheels whose axles ran the length of the entire building

On that long axle, at the point above each loom. there was another 
smaller wheel on the axle.  That wheel, turning as the axle did, drove 
another belt that was hooked to the drive shaft of the loom. 

repeat For every damn loom in the building.... 

Incredibly complex linking for objects of that scale.

Then they converted the mills to electricity. Wanna know
how they did it? 

They replaced the turbine in the basement with an electric

So it now drove the belts...... 

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Jeff Kinz, Emergent Design.
"Carpe Piscis." -> "Seize the Fish" -> "Fish the Seize"

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