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[Discuss] need to set up fax-mail system

There is still a web site that was set up initially as a 'remote
project.  I enjoyed being able to send email to a fax machine without long
fees almost anywhere in the USA.

People that had outgoing fax servers would define the area they were willing
to serve (typically no LD fees on their part, and with spare time on their
system), and set up a 'node' for their area.  They would register with TPC,
and, as a user, we could send an email to a phone number and it
would be delivered.  If it couldn't be delivered you would get an email

There were some 'fax spam' provisions included.

For the technology at the time, it worked well. has fallen into
as faxes have fallen out of favor with geeks.


It takes legal types a long time to accept new technologies, but as time
on and a few test court cases happen (to generate a 'legal president'), it
will get there, just not soon enough for the geeks that understand the

For now, we still keep building fax servers...

Now, how could we generate a 'cloud based fax server' :) [ not likely since
it requires 'real hardware' ].

I did notice that hylafax supports 'internet faxing' for those that want to
check out some updates in that arena!

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BLU is a member of BostonUserGroups
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