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[Discuss] need to set up fax-mail system

On 8/27/2011 11:44 AM, Shirley M?rquez D?lcey wrote:
> And an absurd one in an age when a lot of faxes are sent from computers.
> A fax is actually easier to forge than a digital document because of its
> relatively low resolution; it's trivial to pass off a Photoshopped
> document as an original fax scan. Yet another case of the law not
> keeping up with technical reality.

It isn't about forgery.  It's about what is and is not legally binding. 
  Today, if a person other than the signatory or his authorized agent is 
involved directly in the reproduction of a document then the legal 
validity of the reproduction is questionable.  In circumstances where it 
matters, such as court and medical and financial documents, documents of 
questionable validity are unacceptable.

For example, the Apple Board of Directors recently elected Steve Jobs to 
the position of Chairman.  If the documents are of questionable validity 
then someone could legitimately claim that The Steve is not legally the 
Chairman.  The required procedures have not been followed.

So, it isn't so much as the law failing to keep up as it is that legal 
proceedings don't change quickly.

Rich P.

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