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[Discuss] drop box software

I'm getting a bit confused. I thought drop box was a service where one 
could upload a file, give it a password of some sort, and then you sent 
the password to someone else who could use it to grab the file. 
typically needed for large files, (multi-gigabyte) which cannot be 
e-mailed directly. After some time, the file gets deleted automatically. 
Does this drop box like systems mentioned use repository in the back 
end? I would assume it would just dump the file in some directory.

On 08/30/2011 07:39 PM, Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
>> From: Derek Martin [mailto:invalid at]
>> I am
>> extremely reticent to house any of my personal data on someone else's
>> computers...
> Supposing the data is encrypted, and inaccessible to the 3rd party, do you
> still care so much?
>> Does sparkleshare require the use of some
>> resource I don't control?
> It's currently git in the backend.  So you could own your own.
>>> I liked ifolder (from a user perspective, not an admin perspective).
> But
>>> since the implosion of novell, I've decided to forget about it, kiss it
>>> goodbye.
>> Why?  It's fully GPLv2.  Even if Novell completely goes belly up, or
>> decides to take it proprietary, the OSS community can continue to
>> support this or a fork of it.
> Just try getting it to work.  Although it's open source, the amount of work
> necessary to make it work on *any* platform is daunting...  It was meant to
> run on Suse...  And even then, the only way to get it working in less than 2
> person days of admin time was to use a full deployment of novell products...
> edirectory and such.
> Yes it's possible.  No it's not attractive.  But maybe someday.

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