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[Discuss] drop box software

It has an option for sharing files, but it's primary reason for living is to
be a personal repository available on multiple machines.

If you want to 'share a file' with someone else, they do not have to
subscribe to Dropbox.  Exact directions are avialable on ... the basics are, you make a 'public' directory, copy a file
into the directory, the get the 'url' of the file (I haven't
done it for a while).  Then you can email the 'url' to as many people as you
want.  To make the files private again, get it out of
your 'public directory'.  I don't remember if you can specify the name of
the directory or not.

There are other services that do act like you mention, upload it, it is
shared (password or not), with whomever, and eventually it
is deleted automatically.   But this is not Dropbox.

><> ... Jack

On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Stephen Adler <adler at>wrote:

> I'm getting a bit confused. I thought drop box was a service where one
> could upload a file, give it a password of some sort, and then you sent the
> password to someone else who could use it to grab the file. typically needed
> for large files, (multi-gigabyte) which cannot be e-mailed directly. After
> some time, the file gets deleted automatically. Does this drop box like
> systems mentioned use repository in the back end? I would assume it would
> just dump the file in some directory.

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