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[Discuss] drop box software

Thanks, the issue is that I don't want to use a 3rd party system or
service to do my drop box file sharing, I want to use my own servers. I
have this thing about putting data on a system I don't maintain

On Tue, 2011-08-30 at 21:00 -0500, Jack Coats wrote:
> It has an option for sharing files, but it's primary reason for living
> is to be a personal repository available on multiple machines.
> If you want to 'share a file' with someone else, they do not have to
> subscribe to Dropbox.  Exact directions are avialable on 
> ... the basics are, you make a 'public' directory, copy a
> file into the directory, the get the 'url' of the file (I haven't 
> done it for a while).  Then you can email the 'url' to as many people
> as you want.  To make the files private again, get it out of
> your 'public directory'.  I don't remember if you can specify the name
> of the directory or not.
> There are other services that do act like you mention, upload it, it
> is shared (password or not), with whomever, and eventually it
> is deleted automatically.   But this is not Dropbox.  
> ><> ... Jack
> On Tue, Aug 30, 2011 at 8:31 PM, Stephen Adler
> <adler at> wrote:
>         I'm getting a bit confused. I thought drop box was a service
>         where one could upload a file, give it a password of some
>         sort, and then you sent the password to someone else who could
>         use it to grab the file. typically needed for large files,
>         (multi-gigabyte) which cannot be e-mailed directly. After some
>         time, the file gets deleted automatically. Does this drop box
>         like systems mentioned use repository in the back end? I would
>         assume it would just dump the file in some directory.

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