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[Discuss] MythTV: from bad to worse. Start over?

On 12/5/2011 11:08 AM, Derek Martin wrote:
> On Sun, Dec 04, 2011 at 09:40:50PM -0500, Rich Braun wrote:
>> What direction should I take now that I've really finally had *enough* of
>> MythTV?
> TiVo.  It just bloody works, and very well at that, and I can say
> without reservation I've been a happy TiVo user for about 10 years or
> so.  Yeah, you have to pay a subscription fee, but time is money, and
> all that time you spent messing with MythTV is worth something, too...

TiVo won't do everything he wants. He also wants to be able to play his 
backups of DVDs; TiVo won't do that. TiVo would also be an awkward 
solution if your high-resolution display device is a computer monitor 
rather than a TV set, though there are workarounds. Adapting HDMI to 
DVI, if necessary for a monitor with no DVI inputs, isn't that hard. 
Dealing with audio could be a pain if you only have computer speakers.

Neither will Windows Media Center, though it will play physical DVDs. 
The Windows 7 version is actually a pretty good DVR for recording 
over-the-air broadcasts; the UI isn't as slick as TiVo but it gets the 
job done, and it's easier to skip commercials on WMC. No subscription 
fee, but you have to pay for a Windows license if you didn't already get 
one with your computer.

I suppose that TiVo is slightly more on-topic for BLU since it actually 
does sort of have Linux inside; see for the explanation of "sort of".

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