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[Discuss] WRT Dell trashing their own reputation by offshoring support to India [Was: Justify your existence]

On 12/17/2011 05:01 PM, Kyle Leslie wrote:
> At my last job it was an all Dell shop. It was extremely frustrating dealing with the script. We eventually got to the point if we knew the issue and needed a part replaced (mostly hard drives) we figured out what codes or errors to tell them that was wrong to speed the process of getting a part. 
> It was always extremely frustrating to answer various useless questions to "fix" something that I knew needed to be replaced anyways. 
> I hated having to call Dells support but I will say this once you get through the garbage they are good about replacing your equipment. 
Several years ago, Boston User Groups bought 2 Dell servers (one for the
BLU). I had lobbied for something else, but they got a pretty good deal.
However both BUG and the BLU had similar failures. The BUG machine had
its RAID5 controller fail. The BLU had a dual simultaneous disk failure.
IMHO, Dell is an experienced seller of desktop and laptop computers, but
I don't think their servers are the same quality as some other
companies. Dan Stolts, who owns Bay State Integrated Technology has a
number of Dell servers that perform well for them.

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