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[Discuss] SCP from STDIN: "-t" option undocumented?

Long ago, I was looking for a way to make scp read from stdin, and I
had no luck.

Earlier this afternoon, when I was tweaking my "validate-rsync" script to add
support for scp, I discovered that when running the command

> scp foo remote:/path/to/bar

 the remote end gets invoked as

> scp -t /path/to/bar

It seems that the scp process on the local machine establishes an ssh
to the remote machine, and then invokes an scp process on the remote machine,
and that remote scp process has to read from stdin.
When I checked the scp man page, there was no mention of the -t
option, nor is it
listed in "scp --help". A google search for "scp -t" didn't locate any
mention of
the option, and another google search for "scp from stdin" yielded nothing but
questions of how to do it followed by replies that "scp cannot read
from stdin".

Is this documented anywhere? I don't understand why the option would be
left out of the man page.

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