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[Discuss] SCP from STDIN: "-t" option undocumented?

On 12/22/2011 04:25 PM, John Abreau wrote:
> Long ago, I was looking for a way to make scp read from stdin, and I
> had no luck.
> Earlier this afternoon, when I was tweaking my "validate-rsync" script to add
> support for scp, I discovered that when running the command
>> scp foo remote:/path/to/bar
>  the remote end gets invoked as
>> scp -t /path/to/bar
> It seems that the scp process on the local machine establishes an ssh
> connection
> to the remote machine, and then invokes an scp process on the remote machine,
> and that remote scp process has to read from stdin.
> When I checked the scp man page, there was no mention of the -t
> option, nor is it
> listed in "scp --help". A google search for "scp -t" didn't locate any
> mention of
> the option, and another google search for "scp from stdin" yielded nothing but
> questions of how to do it followed by replies that "scp cannot read
> from stdin".
> Is this documented anywhere? I don't understand why the option would be
> left out of the man page.
This is from rcp(1) that scp is derived from.

    These options are for internal use only. They tell the
    remotely-running rcp process (started via the Kerberos remote shell
    daemon) which direction files are being sent. These options should
    not be used by the user. In particular, *-f* does *not* mean that
    the user's Kerberos ticket should be forwarded!

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