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[Discuss] Disabling UEFI and dual booting Linux and Windows

On 11/05/2012 05:25 PM, Laura Conrad wrote:
>>>>>> "Derek" == Derek Martin <invalid at> writes:
>     Derek> On Sun, Nov 04, 2012 at 03:14:32PM -0500, Laura Conrad wrote:
>     >> >>>>> "Rich" == Rich Pieri <richard.pieri at> writes:
>     >> 
>     Rich> I'll bet more of you have Secure Boot capable computers than you
>     Rich> realize. 
>     >> 
>     >> So how do we tell?
>     Derek> A better question might be, "Does it matter?"  Even if your
>     Derek> hardware is capable, sounds like it probably doesn't affect
>     Derek> you unless A) you're running a compatible OS with the feature
>     Derek> enabled, and intend to dual-boot on that machine, or B) you
>     Derek> specifically want to test installs with it, for purposes of
>     Derek> installfest or other.
> I'm pretty sure it doesn't matter to me at the moment (I've bought a
> computer in the last year, but it was a refurb from a year or so before
> that).
> However, I typically install Linux leaving whatever Windows the machine
> comes with installed, so that if something doesn't work I have a shot at
> telling whether it's hardware or software.  And when Amazon or somebody
> manages to make it too difficult to use Linux, I have a shot at getting
> my download anyway.  So when I buy a computer that has it enabled, it
> will matter (in some infrequent but often high-pressure situations) if I
> don't figure out how to deal with it.
In your case it really does not matter. Just disabled UEFI, and you are
fine. The issue is really dual booting with (preinstalled consumer )

Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
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