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[Discuss] [ OT ] hard drives

Jerry Feldman wrote:
> ...reported an event and was dropped out of the array.

What was the event? It may be repairable, unless you've decided it is
too old to bother.

> My latest opinion is to simply do a fresh install of Fedora 18...

You could also "live" migrate the RAID to the 2 TB drives. After
swapping in the 2 TB drive and resyncing, you then swap the other 1 TB
drive for a 2 TB, resync again, and later grow the file system. This
technique was discussed by Rich Braun on the list a long time ago.

> concern is that the 2 drives are the same lot June 2009.

Sure, two drives from the same lot are statistically more likely to fail
simultaneously, but you're still ahead of the game compared to using one
drive. If you're using RAID just for some added convenience of riding
out a drive failure without having to restore from backups, then I
wouldn't worry about it.

> I would also trash the MyBook.

Get a pair of 3 TB drives for it?


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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