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[Discuss] [ OT ] hard drives

On 12/03/2012 01:45 PM, Tom Metro wrote:
> Jerry Feldman wrote:
>> ...reported an event and was dropped out of the array.
> What was the event? It may be repairable, unless you've decided it is
> too old to bother.
Since this is a truncated weekend, I might just do that. If I can repair
the fault, then I will be back to a normal RAID1
>> My latest opinion is to simply do a fresh install of Fedora 18...
> You could also "live" migrate the RAID to the 2 TB drives. After
> swapping in the 2 TB drive and resyncing, you then swap the other 1 TB
> drive for a 2 TB, resync again, and later grow the file system. This
> technique was discussed by Rich Braun on the list a long time ago.
I've actually done this before. If I decide to use the 2TB drives, it is
just as easy to build them fresh since my system is fully backed up.
>> concern is that the 2 drives are the same lot June 2009.
> Sure, two drives from the same lot are statistically more likely to fail
> simultaneously, but you're still ahead of the game compared to using one
> drive. If you're using RAID just for some added convenience of riding
> out a drive failure without having to restore from backups, then I
> wouldn't worry about it.
>> I would also trash the MyBook.
> Get a pair of 3 TB drives for it?
The WD MyBook does not support 3TB. Essentially the pricing on the
MyBook is essentially the cost of 2 drives. Since I don't have much use
for the MyBook. even as a backup system at home. What I might end up
doing if I don't end up using the 2TB drives, I might configure them as
backup drives. Of course the fallacy of having backup media in the same
computer is that a lighning strike could take everything out.

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