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[Discuss] How do Linux guys back up Windows?

I use Unison daily (sometimes more often) to replicate my live data:
mail, documents and so forth. This because I switch between three
(sometimes four) different computers where I want the same data. Some
of this data is VM images so Git-based tools like SparkleShare are a
terrible fit.

The center of this star configuration is a Debian server: the HP N40L
discussed earlier this year. Data is on a Btrfs volume with mirrored
data and metadata. The OS volumes are automatically replicated to the
data volume with rsnapshot running from cron. Data volume snapshots are
made daily (mostly) and these snapshots are replicated to disks in a
USB3 dock. These secondary disks are rotated to a fireproof box on a
weekly (mostly) basis.

I use my own server because cloud storage is prohibitively expensive
for my storage needs. It's very fast at home (GigE wired) and my data
won't be held hostage by the Department of Justice if some numbskull
cries "piracy" or "child pornography".

I use the Clonezilla live USB weekly or thereabouts to create images of
the system and data disks. I typically keep only one image set around.
I use Clonezilla because it works and because none of the "free" backup
providers do bare metal backup and restore.

Rich P.

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