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[Discuss] How do Linux guys back up Windows?

On Thu, 27 Dec 2012 09:04:29 -0600
Jack Coats <jack at> wrote:

> I did backups for a number of years.  Mainly IBM's TSM on Linux, AIX,
> Solaris, and various M$ versions.  The basic scenario for M$Win

TSM is awesomesauce. I use it at MIT for large-scale backups (where
"large" is defined as "several tens of TB").

> restore was to install a very minimal install into a non-/Windows
> directory.  Add the TSM client.  Restore everything, then reboot.  It

This is also the AIX, HP and SunOS process. Remember mini-roots on the
SunOS swap partition? The problem with NTFS is backing up and restoring
the permissions. TSM does this which is good and makes mini-root
restores possible. Crashplan does not do this which makes mini-root
restores difficult. Clonezilla (partclone) doesn't care since it's a
block level image with some smarts.

Rich P.

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