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[Discuss] OSS licenses (was Home NAS redux)

You've repeatedly said that GPL is "less free". You've argued that the GPL
"should" do things that it doesn't do, such as

> Should the FSF feel compelled to go sue GitHub?

> if you distribute laptops or servers that have a mixture of pre-installed
GPL and non-GPL binaries, that is also a violation.

> Mixing GPL and non-GPL binaries inside a VM is a violation of the GPL.
 (If you distribute the VM.)

> Dell and HP selling laptops with ubuntu pre-installed? ...

> Now how about if I store something in Amazon S3. ...

You also said something about zip files should be a violation, but I must
have missed it when looking back for the above snippets.

In other words, you assert some ridiculous things that the GPL does *not*
do but that you want it to do. I can't imagine any reason you'd desire the
GPL to exhibit such silly behavior other than to bolster your assertion
that the GPL is "less free".

On Thu, Jan 10, 2013 at 8:16 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu)
<blu at>wrote:

> > From: John Abreau [mailto:abreauj at]
> >
> > Describe a bunch of things that the GPL
> > doesn't do, assert that the GPL *should* do those things,
> Name anything I said that even remotely fits that description.
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