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[Discuss] Its not possible to make things easier for users

On 01/14/2013 03:09 PM, Rich Pieri wrote:
> On Mon, 14 Jan 2013 13:47:24 -0600
> Derek Martin <invalid at> wrote:
>> Only the base (V6) does.  Every other model of Mustang (GT, Boss,
>> Shelby) require premium gas.
> Even the Shelby will run fine with 87 octane. It won't knock if the
> engine sensors are working properly. You lose 10 HP at the high end
> with regular gasoline. That's the real reason Ford recommends premium
> gasoline for the V8s.

It should be noted that "knock sensors" detect a gas detonation and 
cause the control system to retard the engine timing. Two things about 
this: The detonation damages the engine and the time retardation reduces 
engine performance and efficiency.

The *real* reason why ford recommends premium gasoline is that the 
increased octane reduces the tendency to detonate at higher compression 
ratios (used by higher performance engines) by reducing the burn speed 
of the air/fuel mixture. If you want to use cheap gas in a performance 
car, a *good* mechanic can usually adjust the timing to be slightly 
retarded so that the spark is later.

This is exactly why you can't help users. User's do not know what they 
do not know and somehow expect the world to take care of them.

Even Apple is getting spanked for being too simple. More people use 
android than iPhone.

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