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[Discuss] webmin

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Jonathan M. Prigot
> Any GUI is going to abstract you from the underlying system. (For a good
> treatise on this, check out "In the Beginning Was the Command Line" by
> Neal Stephenson.) I prefer the use of the CLI because it gets me close
> to the subsystems. The price is the system doing exactly what I say, for
> good or ill. GUI's take some of that intimate control away, but
> sometimes that's what you want.

GUIs can add a layer of error checking.  For example, you can't accidentally specify both DHCP and STATIC.  But if you do it manually, you can easily make that error, or worse ...  You might enable DCHP, which might have the effect of enabling neither DHCP or STATIC, and even cut you off from the machine...

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