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[Discuss] webmin

On 01/24/2013 01:17 PM, Jonathan M. Prigot wrote:
> Any GUI is going to abstract you from the underlying system. (For a good
> treatise on this, check out "In the Beginning Was the Command Line" by
> Neal Stephenson.) I prefer the use of the CLI because it gets me close
> to the subsystems. The price is the system doing exactly what I say, for
> good or ill. GUI's take some of that intimate control away, but
> sometimes that's what you want.

To amplify this point, and I think to clarify my objective. The GUI 
allows most of the common routine tasks to be done. They are well 
traveled and offer little or not chance of difficulty. Adding a user 
should be an easy task that can be bundled by a UI.

Configuring an iSCSI target or firewall, should be easier and doable.  
Configuring Apache? Well, if you aren't doing anything interesting, then 
yes. It should be doable. If you want to finely tune your apache 
install? Well, then a GUI is probably in your way.

That said, once the system is up and running... A GUI for this stuff 
should reduce the need for skilled admins to add/remove users, check 
logs, or check hard disk status.

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