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[Discuss] webmin

On Thu, 24 Jan 2013 14:36:07 -0500
Bill Bogstad <bogstad at> wrote:

> I know it had its detractors (including me), but I think that IBM's
> SMIT for AIX had a good idea. 

SMIT's issues aren't so much SMIT's issues as they are AIX's issues.
AIX has a big iron mainframe philosophy to it that doesn't make much
sense to the general Unix world. It's internally consistent which makes
AIX much nicer to administer than other UNIXes and Unixalikes if you
can wrap your brane around that mainframe design. If you can't (or
won't) accept AIX's different way of doing things then it'll be a bear
to manage.

IRIX is on the other side of it. Not only does IRIX go out of its way
to hide the command line, many sysadminly tasks cannot be performed
from the command line. SGI never implemented command line tools for
those tasks (some of the disk management tools are what I recall from
IRIX but there were others). I really didn't like working on SGI kit.

Rich P.

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