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[Discuss] nfs hard links

On 01/30/2013 09:31 AM, Edward Ned Harvey (blu) wrote:
> I don't happen to have any NFS systems handy right now to test on.
> When I google around, everybody's answering the wrong question - I know you can't hard link local filesystem to a remote filesystem.  I want to know remote to remote.
> mount mynfs:/someexport /home/someexport
> cd /home/someexport
> touch foo
> ln foo bar
> Can you hard link a NFS mounted file to another NFS mounted file on the same NFS system?
Some of this has been answered by Richard and Charles.
1. You can hard link if the exporting system supports hard links (eg is
a Unix or Linux system). I'm not sure if a Windows system that exports
NFS will support hard links
2. You can hard link only within same mount point:
So in your example, there should be no problem:
mount mynfs:/someexport /home/someexport
mount mynfs:/anotherexport /home/anotherexport
cd /home/someexport
touch foo
cd ../anotherexport
ln ../someexport/foo foo    ## This will fail: Invalid cross-device link

Mounted file systems essentially each have their own inode tables.

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Invalid cross-device link

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