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[Discuss] Oracle 11G question

Currently my Oracle installation data directory is at 90% allocated 
space on a 500GB physical partition in a VM. When the system was created 
last year, the company DBAs set up the specs. Unfortunately the DBAs are 
Canadian and are now not allowed to do any IT work in the US. Politics 
The system is organized where /oracle contains  the Oracle binaries and 
/oradata contains the data

What I would like to do is:
1. shutdown the listeners and console
2. allocate a 1TB vdisk and mount it onto / I'm thinking of 
using LVM so that I can add more space by adding another logical volume.
3. copy all the bits from /oradata to /
4. unmount /oradata
5. remount / onto /oradata
6. restart oracle

The question I have is does Oracle do anything physical such that by 
moving the data to another physical volume would cause a problem.

Also, I currently use data_pump to back up Oracle, but that is not 
relevant to this discussion.

Jerry Feldman <gaf at>
Boston Linux and Unix
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