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[Discuss] Oracle 11G question

> From: at [mailto:discuss-
> at] On Behalf Of Jerry Feldman
> 2. allocate a 1TB vdisk and mount it onto / I'm thinking of
> using LVM so that I can add more space by adding another logical volume.

If for any reason you can't just expand the volume, and you need to create a new volume, then definitely use LVM.  Don't partition the new volume - Use pvcreate directly on the new device /dev/sdb or whatever.

When you mount your new volume and need to migrate, the smartest and most reliable way to do it is to dismount the old volume, and then dump -0af - /dev/olddisk | restore -rf -  (while you're in the mounted new volume.)  This is better than cp or tar or anything else, because dump & restore are written by the same people who write the ext2/3/4 filesystem code.  Natively, dump & restore support all properties that the filesystem supports.  No need to read crazy manuals to come up with a list of 90 arguments of rsync or tar to get everything just right.

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