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[Discuss] SVN server - What hardware do I need?

Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
> Many of the developers are remote, and use VNC to get onto the box...

VNC? I've done plenty of remote coding via SSH, but not VNC. What's the
underlying circumstances that are motivating that choice?

Obviously, if you can address the underlying need while getting
developers to run the builds on their local workstations, you'll offload
your biggest resource consumption.

> A checkout of the source to do a build is non-trivial:  it's about
> 6GB of files.

I'm not a big fan of git for a typical project, but large source trees
is supposedly where it excels, if you can convince your developers to
make the transition.

> By separating the build environment from the subversion host, I believe
> that we can get better performance and manageability.

Definitely. I'm wondering whether you might want to consider using
on-demand cloud machines for the build hosts.

Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
> Only use apache if you need it for some reason. It gives you
> capabilities beyond what svnserve can provide, but svnserve is *way*
> lighter memory usage, and much faster. Apache is a notorious memory hog,
> as well as a lot of protocol overhead.

That was my thought as well, based on what I've heard. (I don't have
first hand experience comparing svnserve to Apache hosted SVN.)

But it sounds like the SVN hosting aspect is a comparatively small part
of this project, and not where you need to do your initial optimizations.


Tom Metro
Venture Logic, Newton, MA, USA
"Enterprise solutions through open source."
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