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[Discuss] SVN server - What hardware do I need?

We use VNC to access our servers at work from our Winblows 7 
workstations. Our software is GUI-based, and VNC works much better than 
Putty/Excel. We do not tunnel it through SSH because we are inside of a 
secure network or VPN, but VNC can be tunneled through SSH or can be 
used with a security module.

On 04/21/2013 04:07 PM, Tom Metro wrote:
> Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
>> Many of the developers are remote, and use VNC to get onto the box...
> VNC? I've done plenty of remote coding via SSH, but not VNC. What's the
> underlying circumstances that are motivating that choice?
> Obviously, if you can address the underlying need while getting
> developers to run the builds on their local workstations, you'll offload
> your biggest resource consumption.
>> A checkout of the source to do a build is non-trivial:  it's about
>> 6GB of files.
> I'm not a big fan of git for a typical project, but large source trees
> is supposedly where it excels, if you can convince your developers to
> make the transition.
>> By separating the build environment from the subversion host, I believe
>> that we can get better performance and manageability.
> Definitely. I'm wondering whether you might want to consider using
> on-demand cloud machines for the build hosts.
> Edward Ned Harvey wrote:
>> Only use apache if you need it for some reason. It gives you
>> capabilities beyond what svnserve can provide, but svnserve is *way*
>> lighter memory usage, and much faster. Apache is a notorious memory hog,
>> as well as a lot of protocol overhead.
> That was my thought as well, based on what I've heard. (I don't have
> first hand experience comparing svnserve to Apache hosted SVN.)
> But it sounds like the SVN hosting aspect is a comparatively small part
> of this project, and not where you need to do your initial optimizations.
>   -Tom

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