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[Discuss] SVN server - What hardware do I need?

On 4/22/2013 4:49 PM, John Abreau wrote:
> Give users a desktop machine in the office that they can do their
> builds on and can access remotely via VNC, or perhaps run a separate
> "desktop server" for multiple users to access remotely, and keep the
> VNC sessions off the actual SVN server.

At which point you don't actually need a desktop or terminal server. You
just need to provide a way for users to get at the source code.

As an argument in favor of Git, forget about source code and version
control for a moment. Every clone of a Git repository is a complete
replica of that repository. This makes it very good for any kind of
collaborative environment where individual users may sometimes have
limited or no network connectivity. Git is much lighter than SVN in
terms of server-side system resources for it. Most resource-intensive
operations happen on the client so you don't have to deal with network
or server latency. And you don't have to deal with fsfs.

Rich P.

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