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[Discuss] Cable Modem Woes / Looking to Compare Notes

>>>>> "Rick" == Rick Umali <rickumali at> writes:

    Rick> However, the outages continue to happen. Now Comcast has
    Rick> suggested we replace the cable modem. We're hopeful this makes
    Rick> our Internet stay alive.

    Rick> Has anyone had any similar experiences? My big fear is that
    Rick> replacing the cable modem won't fix anything.

You could rent one of their modems for a month, and see if that helps
and then buy a new one if it does.

My internet from comcast is usually pretty good, but I had a morning
when it was intermittent -- on for a minute, down for two minutes...  I
turned eveything off and then on again, and that didn't help.

I called support, and they said there was "jitter" on my line and they
reset my modem, and it worked normally again.  

I have one of those deals that includes a phone, so I have to use their
modem, and because of the phone it has a battery, so just disconnecting
it from the power doesn't kick it hard enough.  Another good reason not
to use their more expensive plans (besides that they cost too much

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