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[Discuss] Remote builds (Re: SVN server - What hardware do I need?)

Derek Atkins writes:

> Jenkins is pretty cool for system builds, but I'm not sure how well it
> works for developer build & test builds.  Unless you have Jenkins set up
> such that each developer has their only build chain I still feel (as a
> developer) that I need more control over my local build & test prior to
> "commit/push".  I.e., I want to be able to do a "local" build and run my
> own local tests and debugging before I push my changes to a place where
> others pick them up.  I have not seen a Jenkins install/configuration
> that supports that.
> Jenkins is great for building feature branches, release branches, and
> running automated packaging and testing.  But I don't think it works
> well for a developer build+test cycle where you might need to run
> through a dozen or two compile & test cycles to make sure you've fixed
> your bug.
> In short, I think developers still need their own build (and test)
> environments locally.

I totally agree with all of this.  In my environment we
enthusiastically use Jenkins for our
official/nightly/feature/etc. builds, but, for my day-to-day work
(feature development, unit-testing, etc.) I (the human, not Jenkins)
am the one who invokes our defined build-process.


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