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[Discuss] encrypted basic cable

On Thu, Apr 25, 2013 at 9:14 PM, Tom Metro <tmetro+blu at> wrote:

> Daniel Barrett wrote:
> > I found a similar no-set-top-box plan on FIOS for even less money,
> > $10/month, switched, and never had a problem again.
> You're referring to a plan that only covers the retransmission of local
> broadcast stations (and probably public access stations), right?
> Are you using it with digital or analog tuners?
> At one time, and perhaps still currently, FIOS optical network terminals
> (ONTs) actually provided the basic channels as analog video. Something
> Comcast got rid of years ago. Given the architecture of Comcast's
> network, they had more incentive to do so, as it ate up shared bandwidth
> on their system.
> Now that the FCC has ruled that cable companies have no obligation to
> provide the basic tier as unencrypted digital, I wonder how long you'll
> be able to continue using this service without a converter box. (A
> converter box the FCC says you can be charged for, after 2 years.)
> The cable companies cited faster service and lower technician costs as
> the main reason why they wanted all signals encrypted so they could
> electronically alter your subscription level. A laughable claim, once
> you see what the ONTs are capable of.
> Comcast could install a box at the termination point at your house,
> which like an ONT spits out unencrypted analog and digital video for
> no-set-top-box service. But then they couldn't get away with charging
> you a per-TV rental fee for an ONT or upsell you on pay-per-view and
> other services that require a set-top-box.
> Showing once again that the FCC are either chumps, or are willingly
> doing what's most profitable for the industry they supposedly regulate,
> rather than in the best interest of the public.
>  -Tom
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If you have any cable package with comcast (basic or other) you can use the
HDHomeRun to decrypt their signal and do what you want with it.  I have a
macmini running EyeTV for my dvr service and when I'm not using my tv I
have an EyeTV iPad app which I can use to watch tv.


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