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[Discuss] gracefully shutdown guests

Greg Rundlett (freephile) wrote:
> In terms of the signal to noise ratio for the list, the noise just went
> up.  It seems like you're putting off Chuck's contribution to the list
> and at the same time not offering the "various reasons" why some
> (unnamed) alternate virtualization scheme works better for you.

I thought it was obvious: Ned has a problem with Fedora Linux. He's not
looking for a new hypervisor; he's looking for a solution to the Fedora
Linux problem. Chuck's "contribution", suggesting that he switch VM
systems, isn't relevant to Ned's question about Fedora's improper
handling of ACPI calls.

Noise, indeed.

To address Ned's issue (I had to look it up which is why I didn't post
this yesterday): take a look at /etc/acpi/event/power.conf. The default
is to run the script in ../action/ which checks to see if there
is a power manager running. Change either power.conf or to
perform the shutdown procedure that you want.

This carries over to RHEL and it's derivatives.

Rich P.

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