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[Discuss] TLD for Personal Use - Email

My personal domain has been like this for many years. ... Normally a
cheezy brag page for a web page, the real meat is just hosting
family's email.

Registered at GoDaddy currently (I moved my domain there to lower
annual costs from previous registrar, added some convenience, but
there are better today).  It currently points to google where they are
hosting using the 'small business apps' that were free for 10 or fewer
users, not I think that has changed.

Previously I was at a friends ISP in Houston, but he sold out (took
the money and ran -- good for him!) so I have a permanent low monthly
fee for 'small business hosting' that I hesitate to give up.

There are few if any mom & pop ISPs around, but I would select one and
go for it.  If they are bad, move.  The ones I have dealt with, the
2AM service calls may get the groggy owner out of bed but they work
HARD to ensure that doesn't happen.

I have tried the cheap ($1/mo) shared hosting sites, and it works, but
I kept getting hacked every few days from 'sister' hosted sites on the
same server.  So don't go there if you care about 'any' security.

Some friends over the years have run 'private isp's from their homes
with commercial grade equipment and proper connectivity to the net
(commercial routers and servers, multiple internet connections that
will all route his private address range to him even if one goes down,
proper UPSes and generators, home-brew automated monitoring, secure
connections, and even reasonable physical security - some by
obscurity, some by practice and monitoring, etc).  They work well till
a divorce in the hosts household, or long hospital stay happens.  And
the price (free) was right too.

Currently I don't use the most secure or best methods but 'reasonable'
security practices.  Financial and personal info is not kept on my
site.  If it died for a few days, live would go on and it would be a

Hope this helps.

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