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[Discuss] TLD for Personal Use - Email

On 6/8/2013 10:55 AM, Jack Coats wrote:
> I have tried the cheap ($1/mo) shared hosting sites, and it works, but
> I kept getting hacked every few days from 'sister' hosted sites on the
> same server.  So don't go there if you care about 'any' security.

I've had good results at : $115/year for a bare-bones 
virtual Debian machine with 12GB of storage. No backups, but no need for 
a UPS and no electric bill and they handle the pipe & ping with a fixed IP.

> Currently I don't use the most secure or best methods but 'reasonable'
> security practices.  Financial and personal info is not kept on my
> site.  If it died for a few days, {life} would go on and it would be a
> nuisance.

I'm in the same boat: I use the server to pass-through and filter 
emails, but the only things that go there are public lists, throwaway 
addresses, and log reports. My real emails come in directly to me from 
my IMAP provider, using SSL.


Bill Horne

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